Is my website speed important?

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Website Speed is so important and is one of the key metrics in Google ranking and the way search engines rate your website. It is also key for users, lets be honest how long do you stay on a website that takes weeks to load its pages?

This is why website speed is so important. So how do you actually find out how good your site is in terms of speed, well one you can load your own webpages on different devices and browsers, and just ask yourself does this seem slow?

That is the first and very simple site speed test, simple but many don’t really pay attention to this type of thing when it’s our own website.

A second very simple tool is Google’s “Developer site speed tool.” This allows you to add individual page URL’s which Google runs a test on, and deliver’s you a report on your sites speed and usability. It also gives you a report on key areas where you can make site speed gains.


Website Speed


Just look at the report I ran on the retailer Currys the electronics Giant. Here it shows that the homepage load speed on mobile is poor, one of the reasons on the report is the images, now this homepage has a huge amount of image based ads and can be simply corrected by getting these images compressed to the smallest file size possible, that is a simple and quick gain for the sites speed.

As you can see the report also points out that some code can be compressed and simplified. Now depending on your web knowledge this can either be a daunting task or a simple solution but that is for another blog post. In regards to site speed your mobile site needs to be right up their on loading times, with the popularity of surfing and purchasing via mobile devices, peoples experiences on your website needs to be as good on mobile as on desktop devices.


Google and Website Speed


The second part of the report is how your site speed is on desktop/laptop/tablet devices this will usually be quicker than your mobile site speed but you are trying to achieve the 80+ make on your site speed, aiming for that green light across the board.

Just remember if Google sees your site as good on loading speed, it ranks you highly to customers as it is confident that users will get a quick and enjoyable site experience from a page loading time point of view. Of course this is just on way in which Google ranks your website but it is an important one and the more ticks you can get against the Google algorithm and ranking boxes the better for you in the long run.

The Google developer speed test is a great and simple way to see where your website is in terms of site speed and usability, it also offers you solutions and guides on how to implement the changes to improve your site speed and will give you a simple and clear view of where your site is in the world of loading times, informing you on the actions you need to take, some that can be done in house and some that you may need to out source.


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