Magento Backorders; Explained.

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If you have a Magento website and a large inventory that you don’t always stock, for instance top end computers which you can easily order from suppliers but don’t stock as you don’t sell enough, Magento has the ability to offer products that you do not stock but can order and fulfil. This is called backorders, and is a tool that allows you to set out of stock product to in-stock available to order.


The Magento Backorders setting is held in:

Configuration – Catalogue – Inventory – Product Stock Options and you need to set under backorders to Allow QTY Below 0 and Notify Customer – Save.

Magento Backorder

Unfortunately this is only the activating the ability to offer out of stock items for purchase. Then what you have to do is go in to the product you would like to offer on backorder and then in inventory set to in-stock and press save, the system knows that you have a quantity of 0 but will now allow orders to be placed.

Now adding Magento backorders  is simple if you have only the odd product that is like this, but if you are like my business that sells a lot of products that are high value, you can’t stock everything, therefore you have lots of items that can be available for order, manually going in to all of these products can be a daunting task.


One of the beast tools I have found that does not include your coding team is the Amasty tool “Mass product actions: the cost is $119 ($319 for Enterprise platforms) so under £100 but will make your life a lot easier. Once installed it allows you to mass assign back order values, update category values and add cross, up and related sale values on mass including a plethora of other mass product actions that will speed your inventory and catalogue maintenance tenfold.

This will improve your work rate and allow you to implement out of stock ordering on products on mass leaving you time to work on other projects that will benefit your customers.

And that pretty much it, a simple action that can make you money and allow you to take orders on items that you only order in once you have sold them, the perfect scenario.

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